What Beaches Are Near the Cube Pattaya

bay view from cube pattaya thailand

What Beaches Are Near the Cube Pattaya

What do you suppose the main reason is for people to move to Pattaya? For some it is the business opportunities of a smaller town than Bangkok, for others it is the draw of the night life, and still others are drawn by the beach. Being a California native who later headed west to Hawaii and then continued west until arrival in the east the beach is a big part of what drew me to Pattaya. The combination of small town, beaches, and plenty of business opportunity and night life is ideal for some.  If you are considering a condo for sale or rent in Pattaya the Cube is located near three awesome beaches and then some. We will examine the possibilities in this article.


The Nearest Beach to the Cube is Cozy Beach

Cozy Beach is a lovely beach frequented by locals. It is off the beaten bath, and at the same time closer than the main beaches of Jomtien and Pattaya. It is located at the bottom of Pratumnak Hill. The coastline curves around so a full 270-degree ocean view is possible from Cozy Beach. The beach itself is devoid of beach chairs and their vendors. There are motorbike taxis that have a station set up at the entrance to the beach, and there are usually a few vendors near the taxis selling cold drinks, coffee, fruit, and other assorted street food that comes and goes.


Cozy Beach does not have much in the way of water sports, this beach is for sun bathing, lounging, and is ideal for sandcastle construction or walking your dog. This beach is appealing to locals as there are hardly ever tourist sightings here.


There are also a number of really great restaurants not far from access to the beach. Exploring on foot may be the best way to discover them all.


Jomtien Beach just south of the Cube Pattaya

A short five-minute drive to the south will take you to Jomtien Beach, a full 5.8 kilometers of golden sands. At one end is old town Jomtien which is reminiscent of seaside towns found around the globe. Jomtien Beach is filled with expats living full time and Thai business owners. The beach itself has a great mix of beach chairs, and open sand. There is a volley ball court with a grand stand near the night market. Annually in December the Grand Stands are added to and the World Jetski Championships are held in Jomtien.


There is a myriad of water sports located at Jomtien Beach. The far end near to Na Jomtien is where you will find the Flyboard Station where you can fly like a bird and swim like a fish. This cool invention came out in 2012 and takes water sports to the next level. In addition to fly boarding you can also go windsurfing, rent a jet ski, ride a banana boat, or hire a seed boat to take you to Koh Larn, the island across the bay.


Taking a speed boat to Koh Larn is by far the best way to see the little island. You get a private driver, who will take you to any of the beaches you want, you do not have to fight with parking at Bali Hai Pier, and your boat is private. It runs on your time, and the driver is delighted to be doing something. This service is not advertised but if you just talk to people along the beach they all know someone to call for you. Jomtien is a very small tight knit group of locals and if you are polite they are happy to include you in the group. It has a completely different vibe from Pattaya.


 Pattaya Beach

 Pattaya Beach has it all. The 4 kilometer half moon bay with golden sand that  first drew the American Military stationed at  U-Tapao  Army Airfield during the  Vietnam War. Pattaya Beach has parasailing in the morning, plenty of places to go S.C.U.B.A. Diving for all  levels of  divers.  There is snorkeling, dining on the water, dining on a pirate ship, beach chairs, go go bars, and at the far end of  Pattaya  Beach near the  Hollywood style sign on the hill you will find the Bali Hai Pier which has a number of dining crusies  departing,  ferries and  speed boats to Koh  Larn, and the dive boats typically pick you up at the pier.

 Pattaya Beach is absolutely a tourist beach, the people watching is great, trying to pick out who the real ladies are versus the lady boys  can  be a great game to pass the time. Right across from Pattaya Beach is Central Festival a 7 level luxury shopping megaplex with a  cinema,  bowling alley, video arcade, and shopping and dining galore.

 The Beaches near the Cube

 Within just a few minutes you can be at three very different and distinct beaches each with their own personality. Cozy Beach the local’s  hideaway, Jomtien Beach where local expats, and Thai tourists mingle together, and of course Pattaya, tourist haven. Certainly  something for  everyone. The Cube's central location makes it easy to either drive yourself via car or motor bike, or take advantage of  any number of public  options such as motor taxis, songtaews, or even call Grab Taxi and a taxi will come and pick you up with a pre  determined fare.


 Whatever beach is your preference it is just mere minutes away from your new condo at the Cube Pattaya.


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the sunset with the red sky at jomtien beach
red sky by sunset at kho larn
bay view from cube pattaya thailand