Rental Return of 7.5% for 5 Years Paid Up Front – Guaranteed

What's the Catch? How Do I get Paid Up Front by a Rental Guarantee?.

You think there is a catch? You would be absolutely 100% correct. If you choose to take advantage of this generous offer of receiving your rental returns up front for the first five years then you must enter into a rental management scheme controlled solely by the Developer. The Developer, Tudor Group will need to recoup on this incredible offer. The only way they can possibly afford to do this and stay in business is to remain the responsible party in renting out the unit.

So How Does this Rental Guarantee at the Cube Pattaya Work Exactly?

To illustrate how the Cube Pattaya is able to offer the rental guarantee up front in the form of a discount unit 214 will be used with Thai ownership as an example. This is the least expensive until available for this program and there is only one available at this price, once it is gone it is gone, however, there is one available right now.


EXAMPLE: Condo Unit 214

Thai Ownership Price

4,662,000.00 THB

7.5% rental return for 5 years paid upfront in the form of a discount = to 37.5%

1,748,250.00 THB

Remaining balance to be paid over the 15 year payment plan

2,913,750. 00 THB

30% Down Payment on the remaining balance

874,125.00 THB

180 equal monthly installments

15,371.55 THB


The interest rate for the developer financing provided by Tudor Group to prospective buyers at the Cube is calculated at an unbelievably low 5% interest. This is lower than the rates begin offered by the banks. There is no credit check for buyers to pass. The developer lead financing for the Cube Pattaya is 100% buyer friendly. The payment plans are flexible. There are no prepayment penalties and the down payments are far lower than those required by a bank. This is true often times even for Thai buyers.

What is the Risk to buy at the Cube with the Rental Guarantee?

The risk will be born completely by the Developer. There is essentially no risk to the buyer. If the Developer fails to rent out the unit and suffers a loss instead of being able to recoup the money nothing will be claimed back through the buyer. The Developer takes full responsibility absolving the buyer of any risk.

I have seen Higher Rental Return Guarantees in Pattaya

Indeed, Tudor Group is well aware of the rental guarantees in town.  Tudor Group found that they could not compete toe to toe with the highest rental guarantee being offered however, to find that competitive edge the management team at Tudor Group put their heads together and came up with the offer outlined in this article.


This new offer combines both the incredible financing available and a very aggressive rental return guarantee. The Developer feels this combination of deep discount off the front end, and affordable financing options on the back end make for a very solid offer on a building going up in a tenuous market. They have taken as many steps as possible to mitigate the amount of cash coming out of your pocket up front, while keeping risks low and returns respectable.


The rental return for buyers is 7.5% for five years. All other costs associated with the rental such as Agent's fees, cleaning fees, and damages to the property shall be the responsibility of the buyer. The developer will always attempt to screen clientele to avoid mishaps but should they occur it shall fall to the buyer.


For further information visit our sales office and showroom on the 7th floor of Tudor Court Condominium on Soi 2 Pratumnak Hill.