Installing the Walls of CUBE Pratumnak Hill Pattaya

The CUBE condo in Pattaya on Pratumnak Hill Soi 2 (Big Buddha Hill) continues construction in an otherwise slow market. In the last video Simon Dithburn narrated and showed the construction of the pre fabricated concrete walls built by Pre K Construction. If you remember at the end of that video 20 walls had been fabricated at the factory and were readied for transport to the CUBE Condominium construction site. In this next installation the camera crew will accompany Simon back to the construction site show all of you at home how to install these pre fabricated walls onto the next floor of the CUBE condo building under construction.

Back at the CUBE Condo Construction Site

Now that the truck has arrived at the site the walls need to offloaded. One may assume that they could simply be stacked in a pile together and one removed at a time and placed. That would be a disastrous assumption. The walls are actually so heavy that if you put them all together in one spot they would break right through the floor and may even bring the building down. Instead there is actually a holding area for the walls.



Using some of the off cut steel from other parts of the construction a frame was built that acts like a giant bookshelf, and each wall gets slid into its own storage spot until it is time to be installed by the crane. While the walls await their turn to be installed they will set upright just like a book.

Spray Paint the Plans for the Walls

Now that the walls have arrived on site and are in their storage facility the next order of business is to spray paint the architects plan right onto the floor. The spray paint on the floor is all surveyed, the walls are labeled to go with the survey markings, and this gives the builders one final opportunity to make alterations that may show themselves to be needed once the plan is spray painted to scale on the floor. Just like with the electrical outlets in the previous video, it is much easier to move the marks than to install things incorrectly and have to scrap it and begin again.


Like Simon says,

" I'd rather be moving the

spray paint, than moving the walls."


The Perimeter Walls

The first walls to be installed are the massive 15 centimeter thick perimeter walls. Just like a puzzle the edges need to be installed first. These perimeter walls have the most amount of foam in them. The foam dampens the noise so you don't hear your neighbor watching football, or whatever else they may be doing that you don't want to hear. The foam also has the added benefit of insulation. Many buildings in Thailand do not have insulation and this can wreak havoc on your electric bill. The extra foam will help with noise reduction, and keep the heat out, and the cool air from the AC unit inside.

The Crane

The walls are installed working from the outside in. The crane stays in place until the walls are locked down using the stays that attach the floor. The stays are adjustable so the wall can be leveled out before installation is complete. As long as the level is working there are no excuses for crooked walls! Once the wall is in position it is locked together using welding.



The walls get locked down using steel dowels that are inside the walls, they lock at both the top and the bottom of the walls and are the connections between the steel framing inside the walls.

The Speed of Construction

Constructing the building in this way is a much faster way of going about it. 60% of one floor is now complete. In the previous video we learned that as many as 20 walls can be pre fabricated in a single day. Then they can be installed in another day. The speed of construction is nothing short of amazing.

Stay tuned for our continued construction updates for the CUBE Pattaya. If you would like more information on purchasing a unit for sale in the CUBE, please do not hesitate to contact our offices about the latest promotions