Some say Building a Wall The CUBE says Making a Concrete Sandwich

The CUBE Pattaya is a condo building currently under construction in Pattaya. The real estate market was turned upside down and shaken all around in the last few years and the best developers in town are having to communicate with their clients if they are serious about continuing with their projects. One of the projects with a busy construction site in the Pattaya condo market is the CUBE Condominium.


Located on Pratumnak Hill Soi 2, the first floor has the walls up already and the latest construction video will show how the walls are pre fabricated at the outdoor factory for K Group Pre Cast Concrete Co. Or as Simon likes to say, the kitchen where the concrete sandwiches are made.

The Frame of the Wall (the bread of the sandwich)

The first step in constructing the wall is actually to make the frame that will represent the complete wall. The frame acts as a mold for the concrete wall. In the open frame the insulation panel is placed for a dry fitting. The initial dry fitting is to ensure the insulation will fit properly and all the electrical and plumbing fixtures are going into the correct position. Small molds for electrical sockets and panels will be placed so that concrete does not get in the way. The frame also leaves holes for door ways and windows. This is the final check before the concrete is poured.



The First Concrete Pour

While waiting for the concrete to arrive the insulation panels are removed. The first layer of concrete will be poured right into the steel mold at about 1 ½ inch thickness. Pouring it onto the smooth steel is what will give the wall the super smooth finish. Once the first layer has been poured then the panels are replaced this time into the wet concrete. The caging will bond with the concrete. The entire wall can be made in a single pouring of concrete. In fact there is a full blown wall assembly line in progress that can turn out 20 prefabricated walls in a single shift or single concrete pour. 


The Second Concrete Pour

Once the cage has settled into the bed of wet concrete then the second layer will begin to be poured.  The electrical socket panels will have been put in place already, and the holes for the doors and 


windows are framed out. Once the second layer is poured on top of the first layer and the insulation panel it will then be leveled off and vibrated. The vibration step ensures that all the concrete gets in between the reinforced steel. The wall is pretty much finished at this point.

The Wall – or Concrete Sandwich

Now the walls for the day have been built. The prefabricated walls constructed by K-Group are now ready for transport to the CUBE Condo construction site. That ladies and gentlemen is how you make a concrete sandwich.