The Building of a Condominium CUBE Pattaya – Part 12

The CUBE Condominium finishes the third floor in part 12 of the Building a Condominium hosted by Simon Ditchburn the managing director of Tudor Group Thailand. The CUBE condo is under construction now located on Pratumnnak HIll, or Big Buddha Hill. Apartment units are available for sale currently for as little as 17,600 THB per month for a 15 year term. There are two different promotions running currently, one designed for owner occupied units and one designed for those that wish to invest in rental properties. Current promotions change and the best thing to do is fill out the short enquiry form on the promotions page for the most current info on buying a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condo at the CUBE while it is still under construction.

Craning the Walls

This video picks up right where the last episode, "Installing the Walls" left off. Craning the walls into place, and now that they have been installed there is double the scaffolding in place to work around the newly placed walls. It is quite a bit more complicated going up. The walls do not support the floors the columns do. Think about a car park for a moment, there is plenty of support and zero walls. The condo building works the same. The walls are simply in place to divide the living space, they give no support to the structural integrity of the building. In fact you can see in this shot that there is a good 10 cm gap between the top of the wall and the mold. This will be filled in later with foam to prevent fire from spreading from unit to unit. The steel reinforcements inside the walls themselves as shown in the 10th episode is so the walls can support themselves.

These self supporting walls are great for noise reduction, almost as if you had a private home within a condo building. The firebreak foam adds protection, and the steel simply makes the walls strong enough to support themselves. Steel was not necessary, as they are not supporting the ceiling, In fact plasterboard could have been used, however, Tudor Group Thailand knows that the thicker stronger walls will help with insulation and safety.

The Indoor Staircase

Next is the staircase. These have not been looked at in previous videos but, there is a great shot and there have been some questions as to why we have chosen concrete for the inside. This too goes back to fire safety. A steel staircase does not stand up to heat as well and has a much lower melting point, not mention the heat it radiates as it heats up. The chances of a catastrophic failure due to fire with a concrete staircase is much lower. Best practices are steel staircases for the outside of the building and concrete for the inside.


Another Floor Complete

Heading up the stairs and there is another floor that is being poured. 1200 square meters in a single day and another floor is complete. From the balcony of the Tudor Court Penthouse another development by Tudor Group one can get a birds eye view of the construction in action. The 40 degree weather is ideal for pouring concrete. The concrete is able to set up and dry in the tropical Thai sun. A whole other floor completed in a single day with 1200 square meters of concrete poured.

Two Days Later

Two days after the pour the columns are going up for the 4th floor. Why is that so special? The 4th floor will mark the halfway point to the roof, where the rooftop infinity pool will look out over the ocean giving all residences access to a magnificent sea view.

Current Promotion for the CUBE Condo in Pattaya

The developers of the CUBE condo have two promotions currently and they change them from time to time. Choose from developer lead financing with a 15 year payment plan starting at only 18,000 THB per month, or for the rental return guarantee that is paid up front. Contact Simon at the CUBE now for details on the latest promotions.