What do you Get with the 15 Year Payment Plan at the CUBE

Safe and Secure


Before you even enter the condo you will notice how secure it is. There is a steel security door in a steel frame and no windows on the entrance wall. Take a look at the door locks, and you will find a state of the art locking system that would take someone with OCD all day to lock and unlock. There are nine locking mechanisms built into the door.


Three in the center, and three at the top and the bottom. No one is going to break into this door when the locks are fully engaged.


If you work offshore, or use the condo as a vacation home and leave it vacant for long periods this can be a particular concern. Just one more example of how the CUBE tried to go that extra mile in providing the very best security, and still staying within a manageable price.


Full Kitchens


Thai people tend to greet each other, not with how are you (sabai dee mai) but with have you eaten yet (gin khao young)? Thai culture revolves around food, and cooking. In Western culture cooking is everywhere, and chef shows have taken the world by storm. From the UK, to Australia, to the US it seems everyone has a new cuisine to try, or a school to attend. The first thing you see when you enter the CUBE condos is the full kitchen.


The kitchen has the chef's signature, the trifecta set up with the triangle being formed by the sink, prep area, and cooking surface.  There is a convection oven, a microwave, full cabinetry that comes in two color choices, high gloss or natural wood, a fridge, and cooking HOB.


The counter top can be extended by request, and the spacious floor plan of 56 square meters allows for a table with 4 chairs in the dining area directly across from the full kitchen. It is a wonderful set up for entertaining guests, a table with a leaf could even be added and you could very easily seat six around the table for a small dinner party. That is quite a feat in a 1 bedroom apartment on Pratumnak Hill, where so many of the units are a tiny 24 meters square.


Oversized Floor Plans


Continue into the living room and you will notice how nice and big the whole unit is. Sit down on the sofa and you actually need to use the remote to change the channel. So many of the smaller units are so crammed you can reach the TV from the couch to change the channel. Thie CUBE really gives you room to spread out.


Step into the bedroom and even with a full 6 foot by 6 foot King sized bed in the room there is still ample room for storage and to move around. The dressing area has enough room for up to 3 full sized wardrobe cabinets and a vanity counter with more cabinetry that can be added above the bed for additional storage.


The configuration can be customized, and you can have as much or as little storage as you choose. The dressing area is connected to the bathroom which is equipped with a modern rain shower and gorgeous fixtures. There is more than enough storage for everything you need, from linens to makeup and other accessories.


The Little Things


They say it's the little things that matter most. Tudor Group has tried to think of every last detail to turn this condo unit into a home. They have gone through the trouble of installing insulated walls, UPVC windows, steel security doors, and even placed power outlets all over the unit. Electrical plugs for the hair dryer, the vacuum, the charger near the bed, all those small things they tried to anticipate so you will feel right at home from day one.


The CUBE Showroom


The CUBE showroom is housed at the Tudor Court building next door to the construction site. Buyers can tour a model unit, and get a feel for the high quality construction that goes into the building of these condominiums.