Refreshing in Pattaya with These 5 Activities.

One of the hazards of working in a resort town is never getting to see the sights. Working so hard every day with a never ending schedule, you may start to think about some plan for vacation, but who has the time? Why not a staycation right here in Pattaya. Locals spend all this time imagining a getaway to a place with all the activities be it nature, shopping, food, or nightlife, meanwhile we have it at our fingertips. It seems the only time we locals take the time to enjoy the touristy things is when we have friends and family come to visit Pattaya.


Activity 1: Nature


Doing sun bathing and relaxing on the beach are such a good idea. Pattaya has 5 famous beaches which are Naklua, Wongamat, Pattaya, Jomtien and Cosy Beach. Fun activities with many people and bars are on Pattaya beach. Umbrellas and beach chairs are available everywhere. Many hotels and shopping malls are nearby. You will find good food and drinks from local shops and restaurants along the beach.


Jomtien has less people but still full with facilities, water sports, fun activities and night market in the area, but if you prefer private locations, Cosy Beach, Naklua, and Wongamat beach are recommended.

Other from the beach is the waterfall. There was a surprising news recently with announcement from Huay Yai Municipality for the new tourist attraction. “Krokmatai Waterfall” has just been discovered by the locals in 2013.  This waterfall is still pure. The nature that has just been discovered.


Activity 2: Sports and Amusements


You may love energetic activities such as sports and outdoor activities. Pattaya have various kinds of water sports including Wind surfing, Jet skis, and the all-time popular, Banana boat. A diving course seems to be flexible for both the beginners and advanced divers. Speed lovers may look for Go carts, and some amusement parks near Pattaya are also interesting. Pattaya Park, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark and Ramayana Water Park are not so far from Pattaya.


Activity 3: Good food and drinks


Pattaya is home of gourmet restaurants. You can find international cuisine from chefs that have expatiated to Pattaya from around the globe. The food can vary from Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Italian, English, American, French, Mexican and more. Different food cultures from different countries around the world. Each restaurant has their own style and fascination. Chilled and open air sea food restaurants, private eating rooms for Korean and Japanese, or many food courses to serve in French restaurants.

For the drinkers, you may stop at bars or cocktail buses where you can find them in front of big shopping malls such as Central Festival Pattaya Beach, The Avenues, and Central Center Pattaya. Different kinds of drinks both alcoholic and mocktail or even a glass of juice with soda seem to be a good choice for your fancy night.


Activity 4: Shopping


Pattaya has a lot of shopping malls. You may start a tour around Pattaya from Central Festival Pattaya Beach, the nearby Mike Shopping Mall and Royal Garden Plaza. The Avenues and Central Center Pattaya are on Pattaya 2nd Road. There are 2 Tesco Lotus in North and South Pattaya and a lot of Tesco Lotus Express. There are Big C in North and South Pattaya and a Big C Extra in Central Pattaya. New Harbor Mall Pattaya has just had grand opening in 2016, and there are some Jewelry, Leather, and Souvenir Stores in North Pattaya. There are imported and fresh food ingredients in Foodland, Friendship Food Store and Best Supermarkets. There is an Outlet Mall with special promotion and “Sale” labels everywhere. You will enjoy shopping and spending a lot of good time here.


Activity 5: Night Entertainments


Walking Street is like the door to Pattaya. Lots of people come from around the world to this famous place of nightlife. There are a lot of bars, night clubs, discotheques, and entertainment venues. You may enjoy the shows when you see it for the first time, or watching sexy crews dancing at ago go bars. There are some Thai night clubs which you can enjoy chilling out with live music, food and drinks. If you prefer more extreme, we recommend to show your steps at the discotheques in South Pattaya.


For long time, Pattaya has been popular. There are parties everywhere. Nightclubs, bars, and discotheques are open every night. You can enjoy good food and drinks from different kind of restaurants, Thai and international recipe. Wake up in the morning and enjoy the nature from beachfront hotels, getting ready to seek for adventure at the new waterfall. Sport activities and amusement parks are waiting for you and your friends to have fun together. Pattaya is the entertainment city, and everything is within reach. Now you can choose what you like and have a good time here.