Pattaya: Prime location, the second city of Thailand

Why Pattaya?


First of all, Pattaya is not very far from Bangkok. Only 1.5 hours or around 150 Kilometers. It is very near U-Tapao International Airport in Sattahip- around 30 minutes from Pattaya. There are 2 major roads which are Sukhumvit and By Pass road. You can travel to Rayong quicker via Highway number 36, and the Highway number 7 is for Bangkok journey. Very easy to get to everywhere.


Pattaya also has a local marina named, “Bali Hai Pier.” It is located at the Southern end of Walking Street, South Pattaya. This marina is normally full with people who want to travel to Koh Larn or enjoying fun activities in this area, such as scuba diving, fishing, or a private charter boat trips.


Secondly, Pattaya has many tourist locations. Koh Larn is a very famous Island in Pattaya. It consists of nice beaches with clear water and blue sky, very suitable for a short trip. There are a lot of Foreigners and Thais traveling to the island daily. Around 45 minutes by normal ferries from Pattaya to the 2 major piers: Naban and Tawaen. If you prefer to see the most beautiful viewpoints on the Island and some private natural beaches, Naban Pier is on your way. Tawaen Beach is normally crowded with tourists, but the bay is large and is considered to be the beach that has the most beautiful landscape in the island. Next to Tawaen beach has another 2 beautiful beaches which are Sang Wan Beach and Thong Lang Beach. Those beaches are within walking distance. They are the ideal for enjoying privacy.


Pattaya has 4 major beaches which are Pattaya Beach, Naklua Beach, Wongamat Beach, and Jomtien Beach. Each one has its own characteristic. Pattaya beach is the beach that has a lot of people coming and going every day. It is near restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and shopping malls. You can enjoy good food and relaxing on the beach chairs with umbrellas. It’s not really private, but you will never be lonely.


Jomtien beach is a lot quieter than Pattaya. This 6 kilometers long beach normally has less tourists and night clubs. However, there are some local shops, night market, bars, and restaurants where you can find good food and drinks from every corner of the world. Jomtien is very famous for water sports such as jet skis, banana boats, and wind surfing.


Naklua and Wongamat Beach are ideal for full privacy. It is in a quiet area with less night clubs and bars. There is a public park, 2 major fresh markets, and beautiful beaches where you can enjoy clear water and clean sand.


Pattaya City sign is one of the most famous viewpoints on Pratumnak Hill, South Pattaya. It is a shady place with various kinds of trees, some Salas and outdoor gym. The next famous viewpoint is on the Sor Tor Ror 5 Hill which has the status of HRH Prince of Jumborn, the father of Royal Thai Navy. You can also enjoy good food and coffee there.


Lastly, the consideration of “Future plans, Future locations.” Other than natural tourist attractions, Pattaya is also full with shopping malls, restaurants, shops and services. It is speculated that Robinson Shopping Center may be built in Soi Siam Country Club, East Pattaya, in the near future.


Hi-speed train project from Bangkok to Rayong is also going to take place soon. After the Public Private Partnership (PPP) meeting in August-September 2016 and EIA evaluation on August 5, 2016, the project is estimated to finish in 2020 (date of info 12/05/2016). With the 1.52 Hundred thousand million Baht budget, this 193.5 Kilometers train track consists of 5 stations which are Ladkrabang, Chachoengsao, Sriracha, Pattaya, Rayong. There will be many hotels, shopping malls, and a lot of amenities around the station. Two hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, this electric high-speed train takes around 1 hour for a trip from Bangkok to Rayong. This technology can transport large numbers of tourists and Thai people, and build large communities near the train stations. New land near Jomtien will be prepared for the construction. With the advantage of being safe from flood, great location near Jomtien beach and other tourist attractions, this new area also has less building and traffic.


The growth of U-Tapao International Airport for helping to reduce density of people at the 2 airports. U-Tapao Airport has both international and domestic flights. Lots of business people from around the world are travelling to this area for business such as Industry, Seafood, Jewelry, and Fruit. House and properties, shops, services, and many facilities are growing in the area. People can save a lot of time for it is only around half an hour from the airport to Pattaya or Maptaphut and 2 hours to Chantaburi. This airport is getting bigger with more passengers. It a good opportunity for Pattaya to be just near this location for a great chance for investment and being an option of transportation.


In conclusion, Pattaya is in a great location on the East Coast. It is not so far from the central part of Thailand and is located among the main Industrial Estates such as Eastern Sea Board, Amata Nakorn, and Pinthong. With this perfect location plus the convenience of transportation: Sukhumvit Road, By Pass Road and the 2 Highways to Bangkok and to Rayong. Travelling by plane is also possible since Pattaya is very near U-Tapao Airport. There is also Bali Hai Pier and some private marinas in the area. Tourist locations from Natural sceneries that are still well maintained such as beautiful beaches, island and mountain to tourist attractions in the area including Shopping malls, Art museums, Temples, and Walking Street.


Most of all, Pattaya is predicted to grow up even larger than before since the Hi-Speed train project is going to start construction soon. There will be huge investment for preemption around the train stations. U-Tapao is also expanding in number of local amenities. The airport itself now can support up to 3 million passengers a year for national and international flights every day. As now we can say that Pattaya is a diamond of the East Coast. The city is not so big, but it is a prime location for opportunities.