The Building of a Condominium CUBE Pattaya – Part 16

The Cube Pattaya are very proud of this video series to show our construction at The Cube Condominium in South Pattaya, Thailand. This kind of video production you may have never seen before that the director of the developer comes down to the building site to show the detail by himself. We have showed you from previous videos the construction of the building in each section. We will show you the start of the new floor on this New Year.


Set Up Scaffolding for the New Floor


We firstly set up the scaffolding. It is something very basic. At the bottom, we have adjustable legs so we can balance the scaffolds. On top of the scaffolding, we have adjustable U Jacks where the steel will set on them. Folding box steels are set into the U Jack and adjusted to be completely leveled where we want to place the floor. Waterproof pale wood is placed on top of the tooling steel.


A load of tons of concrete is going to be poured in here, so we have to do a lot of detail checking to make sure that all the scaffolding is locked the way it supposed to be. You can imagine what sort of disaster may happen if it was not set up properly then the wet concrete maybe collapsing down through these floors.


Then Create Mold for the Concrete


When the scaffolding is completed, we have created the complete mold which is the exact shape of the floor we are about to pour. It is incredibly stable and quite amazing to stand on top of it. We work on top of this the same as when we work on the ground floor. The only difference is that we have to use the crane to lift up the materials.


The next thing is to create the outside line edge of the floor. We create a stand and outstand here of the exact outside line of that floor, particular one is 22 centimeters high, which represents the exact thickness of the floor. A lot of concrete is going to be poured which can break the edge, so that we have to lock it strictly to make sure that the concreate will not go out. More than that, we have steel work on top of the mold to make the floor stronger. The steel will strengthen the concreate and not to let it pull apart whenever it wants to.


The Bathroom Pipes


The bathroom pipe is set before we pour the cement. We can save huge amounts of time in the future. Instead of using 3 weeks of drilling the ground for 100+ pipes on each floor, much better to spend 3 days surveying for the position of all the toilets and install the slip pipe before.


The Tension Lines


This is the cable that is running through the flooring system. This cable helps the concreate not to fall down or sag between those large columns. At the end of the tension lines, we can check that at which point the cement may sag, and compensate.


Special Floor, Special treatment


Some of the area on each floor needs extra treatment since it will contain another construction that is very heavy such as rooftop swimming pool. We increase the steel almost double to make the floor stronger, increase the thickness of the floor and tension lines. This is not the work to be done only on one floor. The floors below also need special construction since the weight will press down and can make the collapse.


We have done very good work so far today and finish work one hour early. Our staffs should be very tired and will need to go back home to rest. Tomorrow the cement will be dry and we will continue the next step. See you again in the next show. You can contact us here for more info about The Cube Condominium.