What Schools are Close to Pratumnak Hill Pattaya

What Schools are Close to Pratumnak Hill Pattaya

Pattaya is a bustling town filled to the brim with expats from all corners of the globe. With such a diverse mix of people living in and around Pattaya a number of education options have grown over the last two decades. One can find International Schools teaching both the British and American curriculum, Thai Private Schools with extensive English programs, as well as vocational schools and even a private Catholic school are all within a reasonable commute if you reside in The Cube.

Thai Private School with English, Chinese & Thai Curriculum

Phoenix Wittaya School in Pattaya opened their doors in May 2006. The founder of the school, Eric, was inspired to bring the highest level of education possible to students at the most reasonable price. Eric is a father himself and wanted to send his son to Regent's school, however the tuition was too high. Being a problem solver Eric decided to open his own school, a Thai private school offering classes in Thai, English and Chinese.

Parents choose the curriculum that best suits their children. Students have diverse nationalities such as Russian, Thai, German, Scandinavian, French, American, British, Australian, Chinese, and more. Students are exposed to the Cambridge curriculum covering the core STEM subjects and they take it one step further by including STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Mathematics. Phoenix Wittaya offers a wide range of Art programs to appeal to all kinds of interests for students, including courses in dance, music, painting, sculpture, cooking, computer lab, ballet, and more depending on the teacher’s employed in any given year.

Phoenix has attracted teachers from all over the world to share in the knowledge and diversity of the school. The school has grown with the community and is a solid choice for parents that want a good private school in Thailand without paying top price.

International Schools in Pattaya

Tara Pattana International School is the sister school to Phoenix Wittaya and is located in East Pattaya, about fifteen minutes’ drive from the Cube.Tara Pattana is a boutique International School owned and operated by a local expat and his wife with a stake in the community. In 2015 they launched Tara Pattana Boarding which has lovely accommodations designed to meet the demands of the typical international student. Whether that means boarding full time for the term, or having the flexibility to use the boarding house for your student on occasional weeknights, or weekends as business and personal needs arise.

The curriculum followed at Tara Pattana is the British National Curriculum and as of the 2016 school year were accepting students up to Key State 3 which is 8 and 9 years old. New years will be added in following years as the school grows up with the community. The school is relatively young but has a real sense of home and community. It is a pleasure to visit the campus of Tara Pattana International School in East Pattaya.

Then there is the Regents International School Pattaya, the alma mater of my roommate a 28 year old Argentine, and the inspiration for Phoenix Wittaya School in Jomtien Beach. Regent’s opened over 20 years ago in 1994 and began with only 40 students. In the subsequent decades it has grown and evolved to be a premier International School, well known throughout South East Asia. It took only five years for them to grow into a boarding school from a day school, and now has been operating in Pattaya for two generations. Some of the early graduates are seeing their children old enough for the beginning years of Regent’s sowing the school right into the fabric of the community.

Regent’s follows the British National Curriculum and has a vast array of extracurricular activities available for students. Students at Regent’s can expect to participate in academic and sporting competitions at the international level. Competition is healthy and prevalent at the school and Regent’s International School is a sound choice for parents in Pattaya especially if a variety of programs is attractive. Regents far and away has the most extensive program list including Julliard Fine Arts Social Club.

An American School in Pattaya

Since Pattaya would likely not exist in the way we know it today without the influence of the American Military during the Vietnam War it is only appropriate that you can find an international school offering the American Curriculum within a short commute of the Cube Pattaya.

The International School of Chon Buri opened their doors in 2008 and in 2015 – 2016 added their fifth year of classes in a row. They are a young and growing school dedicated to the students and the most progressive learning styles available.

Rather than follow the American style of education, they have embraced the true American spirit within the school as they strive to be great, by researching the best education techniques that are student centered rather than standardized test centered. The Chonburi International School is an excellent choice for parents of young learners interested in top quality progressive education in Pattaya.

Recap of the Schools near the Cube Pattaya

These are just five schools that are near the Cube Pattaya. There is a wide range of schools available in the Pattaya area and this list is not all inclusive, it does however, contain the best schools as researched by a former kindergarten teacher in Thailand. We, as part of the community, understand how important it is to maintain a good education for your children regardless of where work takes you on this planet and Thailand is no exception. Do not let people tell you there are not good schools in Thailand. That is simply not the case, as you can see in a relatively small city like Pattaya there is still a wide range of choices for parents and students to choose from.