Developer Tudor Group

Tudor Group Group has 22 years experience in the construction industry, both in England, Germany and now Thailand. The current project under development is the CUBE Condominium in Pattaya which is located right next door to Tudor Court, an already completed project by the Tudor Group.

Our aim is to provide units with European Standard's giving our customers a higher standard of living. Insulated or cavity walls we believe are a must for this, giving a quietness not possible with normal construction in Thailand. Large unit floor areas, middle range price, top shelf quality and developer lead financing make the CUBE Condo in Pattaya arguably one of the easiest condos to buy on Pratumnak Hill right now.

The CUBE Condo is perfect for the owner who wishes to occupy the unit, however, for those looking at good properties for earning rental income the CUBE Pattaya has one of the most attractive rental guarantee programs in Pattaya. With ROI's as high as 10% with as little as 772,000 Thai Baht initial investment- and purchasing available on developer lead financing for a full 15 years, at a lower interest rate than most banks.
We also believe the bits you don't see are also important with earthed electrics, well designed waste pipes and the correct water pipes being just a few cases of the extra effort we make.
By building to the highest standards not only do our customers enjoy their "living" now but also for many years to come.

Simon Ditchburn, the managing director of Tudor Group Thailand has 31 years experience building condominiums across two continents. He is not some businessman who thought a condominium project would be a good way to make some money, he is a legitimate builder who has a passion for his craft. He will take you through the entire process of the building of a condominium through the video construction updates for the CUBE. These are widely available across many social media platforms.

This combination of European style and the use of the most cutting-edge construction practices bring you a premier boutique building for the price of lesser developments because although we are focused heavily on quality- which obviously costs more, our overheads are lower than major developers hence we can offer nearly double the quality (on a cost based measure) for nearly the same price.

What you get for the money with the CUBE condo is second to none.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of The Cube and you will get an idea of just how high quality The Cube really is and what sets it apart from others.