Family Friendly Activities in Pattaya

Believe it or not ?!? Even some Thai people never come to Pattaya. We all know that this never sleep city is very famous, known for the nightlife and entertainment. There are a lot of bars, night clubs and discotheques in Pattaya. Based on Thai culture, this is not a good place for young people…
So, it’s not a good idea that you will plan to come to Pattaya with your family. Is it true?
The fact is that not everybody know about this. Pattaya is full with natural resources, and many activities are suitable for the family. At day time, Pattaya is the same as another city and town. Friendly local people are welcoming their guests, and it’s not just like what you have heard from rumors. Here are some examples of family friendly activities we can do in Pattaya.

Water activities and sports

Pattaya has many beaches where you can choose to hang out with your family. To enjoy water sports, I would suggest Jomtien Beach or Pattaya Beach. You can go windsurfing, rent a Jet Ski, or have fun together on Banana boats. A diving course in Koh Sak will be ideal for the whole family with professional trainers who are willing to take care of you during the trip. Fishing on Bali Hai pier or Naklua pier or taking a private charter boat trip will be enjoyable. You can also take a sun bath on the deck and then cook your fresh ingredients on the boat. Having such a wonderful meal together with stunning views of Koh Larn and Pattaya Bay.

Pattaya also has a number of water parks such as Pattaya Park, Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, and Ramayana Water Park which are not far away from the city. You can spend time there together and visit some tourist attractions nearby.

Museums and shows

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

For anybody who truly falls in love with these cute bears, you will never miss the chance to come here. First Teddy Bear Museum in South East Asia! Two thousand five hundred square meters are large enough for over 2,000 Teddy Bears in different sizes. Temperature, light and sound are adjusted to create the feeling as if you were in the real Teddy Bear town. There are 14 zones such as Inca Zone, Outside Zone, Dinosaur Zone, and Fossil Zone. Just take some nice shots to make your Facebook friends jealous!

Tuxedo Illusion Hall

Excellent is the result from Trip Advisor reviews. This place was rated to be 62nd from “116 things to do in Pattaya.”

Keng Tuxedo has been skillful in the field for nearly 20 years. He has archived many awards from different international contests and has joined many events globally such as Bejing International Magic Convention in China and 1st Busan International Magic Festival 2006 in Korea. Various kinds of shows from Keng whether the basic tricks with birds, flowers, flying guy or even changing cloth ladies will only make you feel “Wow.”

Tuxedo Illusion Hall is the first Magical Hall in Thailand. They produce memorable magical shows every day. Tuxedo also offers training courses for magical shows by a Master Magician and there is a museum inside. There are props and instruments provided for sale in order to arrange your own shows. Time to surprise your friends or colleagues!

Massage and spa

Another option which will change your feeling and mood to be more positive after the long journey…
An activity which you can do together with your family is to find a place for relaxation…
Just like in Eastern culture people like to go to sauna and spa for relaxing. There are a lot of massage and spa in Pattaya. The price is quite reasonable due to a lot of competition in the area. From small shops that offer small courses of a few hours’ massage, doing hot herbal compress, or some skin treatment such as scrub, mask, and hair waxes. Large health centers offer full options of facilities be it hot and cool pools, sauna, steam and swimming pool. For good health and balance of the body, to reduce pain, release stress from work or study, your family can refill energy here to get ready for a new day.

There is a surprising truth about Pattaya that not everybody knows about. Not just that people are having fun in Walking Street or playing Pool in the bar, Pattaya is also famous for day time activities. Many family friendly activities can be arranged to do together in the area, and local people are very friendly to assist you with that. There are many water sports along the beaches, and you can have fun together at different water parks. Very confident that your children will love magical shows and Teddy bear museum. After the long journey in Pattaya, the most relaxing activity that everybody will enjoy together would be spa and massage. Activities, which are suitable for people of all ages, are waiting for you to discover.