Full Construction Update 2016 Cube Pattaya

The developer Tudor Group Thailand broke ground on the CUBE Pattaya at a time when consumer confidence was at a very low point for the Pattaya and Thailand condo market. Over the last two years the developers in Pattaya have had to rely on their resiliency and their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. Both winners and losers are emerging in the marketplace, and the developers the CUBE Pattaya consider themselves to be among those that have risen to the top.
Despite the obstacles the construction site at the CUBE Pattaya remains busy, and the progress at the CUBE is quite visible. This article will take the reader through approximately the last 90 days of construction updates, give or take a few days

February – The CUBE 2nd Floor Walls are Complete

In the latter part of Februay 2016 the scaffolding was taken down to reveal the second floor of the CUBE Pattaya as complete. The foundation was long since completed, along with the first floor, and by February the second floor had all the walls installed, and the building is beginning to take shape. The construction videos produced by Simon Ditchburn and his construction team resumed at the construction site where the walls are prefabricated about half an hour outside of Pattaya.

March – The CUBE Walls to Be Prefabricated Offsite for the Next Floor

For the next floor in the CUBE condo the crew took a field trip to K Group Pre Cast Concrete yard where the walls for the CUBE are prefabricated. They have an assembly line capable of prefabricating up to 20 walls in a single work shift. This speeds up the construction process considerably. Once the walls are dry, they are loaded onto a truck and taken to the CUBE construction site located on Pratumnak HIll.

April – The Next Floor of the CUBE Pattaya and Wall Installation

Moving right along in April the next floor is installed. The walls get delivered to the site by truck and then they get slid into the wall holder. Which is kind of like an enormous bookshelf to house the walls until they are ready to be installed. If the walls were to be stacked up and set on the floor they are actually far too heavy and they would crash right through the floor. You can view the wall installation video on Facebook and YouTube.

May – Another Floor of the CUBE Pattaya is Now Going Up

Now May is nearing its end and the next floor at the busy construction site for the CUBE Pattaya is now underway. Aerial shots showcase the progress as the floors are erected one at a time in a systematic fashion

Upcoming – What the Near Future Holds for CUBE Pattaya

The developers are very much in touch with their buyers keeping them updated with the progress. They have put together several different promotions as well for interested buyers. There are promotions geared toward the owner who wants to occupy the unit, as well as promotions that are set up to maximize rental returns on an investment property. The CUBE Pattaya is one of the few developers offering self financing with lower interest rates and smaller down payments than most banks.

Simply fill out the 3 line form on the promotions page to find out about the latest promotions being offered by the CUBE Pattaya.