Pattaya Condo Off Plan Investment

Off-plan property refers to a house, condo, townhouse, or other property that is going to be built soon. Everything is already prepared for the construction. The Presales sometimes come along with Financial Plans to pay only deposit and then later can continue paying to the bank or developer monthly until the building is finished and ready to move in. At this point, your property’s price has increased letting you enjoy a healthy return on your investment when you buy Off Plan.

Investing in off plan condos in Pattaya, like anywhere does involve some risk, so it is a good idea to do your due diligence while selecting what developments you choose to invest in. Here are some advantages of this investment and wise suggestions to consider when investing in Pattaya an off plan condominium.

Why buying off-plan condo in Pattaya is beneficial?

The best part is the fact that investing in a Pattaya Off-Plan Condo will likely give you the best return for your investment. You can buy property at the lowest price to get maximum profit from the investment.
Wait for more years then resell it, or you can choose to rent it out from the beginning: it is just like having someone else paying for your condo. Not to mention yet that even when you move in to live here by yourself, you will get a value home at the cheapest price.

Another interesting aspect is that foreigners can own condos. This seems to be the only opportunity legally allowed in Thailand. Foreigners cannot own a house, townhouse, villa, or any land unless you have a company to own it. However, you can buy and sell condos with your name registered on the Chanotes by Land office. Therefore, buying a condo is more attractive in Pattaya as foreigners can manage their own properties freely and can also make money from it.

Buying off plan also enables you to pick and choose your own unit. It is more flexible that you can plan the view you would like to have from the terrace. You can design your property to increase the value by choosing every material and furniture by yourself or consulting with our specialists. You can adjust electric cables, Fire Bridges, or even faucet positions.

When to Consider Buying Off Plan Property in Pattaya

The key to success is the Location Location and Location! Tourist areas are Jomtien, Pattaya, Pratumnak, and Wongamat. It is easy to see why these areas are very popular and attractive among investors. Just like how we choose Pratumnak Hill to build The Cube Condominium. This area is full with nature, with three beautiful beaches nearby. Public parks, gourmet restaurants, and coffee shops which have the best view in Pattaya. Many tourist attractions and viewpoints on great locations right between Pattaya City and Jomtien. Condominium for people who love city life but this is even more perfect.

As another example, however, property’s value on the dark side or East Pattaya is still not high; on the other hand continue growing rapidly in every year. This is challenging for people who look for opportunities to have long-term investment that will grow up with high margin profit. East Pattaya is suitable for people that would like to live near the city, but also need to rest in quiet place. The only drawback is that it is a bit far from facilities, shopping malls and tourist attractions.

Invest In an Off-Plan Condo: Invest With Professionals

Why waste your time buying expensive condos and wait a long time till somebody buys it. A new condo is easier to manage and sell when you can decorate it as you wish. Pattaya Off-plan condo investment now becomes more competitive. Contact our specialists now at the Cube; they will show you what makes the CUBE arguably the best off plan condo in Pattaya due to its, prime location in the Pattaya area. More than that, you will get the newest and hottest financial offers and guarantee for long-term rental return from The Tudor Group.