Public Parks in Pattaya

What do you do in your free time? Some like shopping or watching movies. Some people like cooking and spending time together with their family. Healthy activities would be awesome: going out for a walk or playing sports somewhere. Pattaya has many fitness and health centers. They are great and very convenient. What about somewhere that you can get full oxygen from fresh air including enjoying your free time there? What about Public Parks?
Pattaya has 171.5 Rai in total for Public Parks, and not everybody knows about it. There are five main locations in Pattaya that are particularly lovely.

Beach location:
Lan Pho Muaeng Pattaya Park, Naklua

Free beachfront location for fitness equipment and health activities. Lan Pho Muaeng Pattaya Park is located in Naklua, next to Lan Pho old Naklua market where they are famous for fresh seafood and good restaurants.
Beautiful sunsets in a clear red sky will grab your attention for a moment to stop and shoot some photos before getting back on track. The park features nice gardens with trees and green yards have just newly been decorated with flowers. You may prepare picnic food and lie down for relaxing.
Activities are various such as Aerobic dance in group, Dancing, and Taijiquan. Slow exercise for physical therapy and the elderly are also available. Free space on the cement normally has some people to play Futsal, and some visit to ride skate boards.
Sit down and enjoy the views on the bench while waiting for your family to do their activities. You won’t believe how this place can well serve people from the big city.

Mountain location:
Chaloem Phrakiat Park and Queen Sirikit Park, Pratumnak Hill

Beautiful view point that has the most oxygen since it is surrounded with trees and nature. Both public parks are located on top of Pratumnak Hill, between Jomtien and Pattaya.
Some parts have high slopes. Some parts are very high… Even when you come for a walk, you will get enough sweat. Some people choose Yoga or Aerobic dance for an hour. Some people like to walk and take a deep breath for fresh air. There was new fitness equipment recently installed for more activities you can do together. Enjoying good views and spending time with nature near the city are the reasons why Pattaya people like to come here.
Fountain/Lake location:
Nongprue Public Park, Soi Siam Country Club

This public park has everything you need. The jogging track is approximately 1-kilometer-long around the lake, surrounded with natural rocks and trees. Stunning sunsets can be seen every day when the sky is clear enough.
Indoor sports, there are Futsal and some extra space which can easily serve for boxing. Next to the stadium, there is a Takraw court to have fun with your team.
Playing sports with your friends or colleagues is very good for relationship building. You can also play football in the field while your girlfriend is attending Yoga or Aerobic dance. Fitness machines are fully equipped and ready for you to test the strength. Some people come here to play Hula Hoop, and there is a club for body builders.
Relaxing your eyes at the high fountain and natural scene at mini Sala and keeping your eyes on your kids at the playground. This place is full with fresh air and has such a great atmosphere.

Safe & Convenient:
72nd Anniversary Commemoration of Queen Sirikit Health Garden, Soi Noen Phlap Whan

Don’t have to worry about security at night, since we are working out just behind the Police Station. This seems to be a good idea, and we normally feel safe to come here in the evening.
There are some bathrooms available as well at least to change clothes and wash your face. The parking space is enough for parking inside. Although the place is quite tiny, it is enough for jogging or a short walk. Some people come here for physical therapy and some enjoy sitting and relaxing. There is an Aerobic Dance Club which they organize to meet almost every day.
Opposite is the car wash service. It’s just an idea for you to spend time while waiting. The park is full with trees and green area, and there are also big sliders in the playground. The fountain will make you feel more lively and energized.

Spacious area/Adventurous:
Mueng Pattaya Park, Soi Chaiyaphruek 2

Imagine when you walk past the rocks and stones just like they do in the movies. Exercising at Mueng Pattaya Park will give you the same feeling.
Jogging tracks pass green areas. Walking past small dunes with big and small trees. Green grass and big stones where you can sit to rest and enjoy with some flowers or even climbing to make the real adventure. Your children will love this place.
Around 35 Rai in total, the area is big enough to support large amounts of people. In some occasions, schools organize this place for Boy Scout camping and the Burapha Pattaya Bike Week normally takes place in the sport stadium every year in February.

Living and working in the city is not that easy. Perhaps it will cause stress and depression. Pattaya leadership is concerned about this, so they have prepared both facilities to make your life easier plus some green zones for the better quality of life. Many people have chosen to spend time outside to play sports, jogging, or doing fun activities with their family or friends. Picnicking at Public Parks is also good choice to do with somebody you love. Life can be brought down to balance when you come close to nature. Going out to refresh yourself with a lot of oxygen. Pick a location you like most in Pattaya and have a good time there.