Relocation Guide to Pattaya, Thailand

Have you considered moving to Pattaya, Thailand?

If you used to come here for a trip or know a good friend that can give you some advice, you might have nothing else to worry about when you move here to Pattaya. However, many foreigners have been stuck for a while not only because language barrier, but also there are a lot difference in culture. With all these concerns, new residences will need some advice to make things easier, or at least to reduce time consumption and yes …panic! Besides moving to the right place in the right time, here is another wonderful guide for your relocation to Pattaya, Thailand.

Who Can You Talk to When You Relocate?

As we know, it is very important to have somebody that you can ask. Where is the post office? What is a good suggestion for food dining out or delivery? These things you can search on the internet since it does not need deep information. However, there are something like…

Shortcuts to places in Pattaya?

What is a reasonable price? Not Farang price.

Where can you find a mini bus to go to another province?

How to keep yourself and your pocket safe when hanging out at night

Pattaya is a mix of cultures. You may look for international friends at public places like churches, public parks, or restaurants. Facebook groups are open being a nice place to ask questions. Popular and super active groups are พัทยา(Pattaya) and พัทยาทอล์ค. Most people in these groups are very friendly and willing to help you. Hot Line Number 1337 belongs to Pattaya City Hall. This is for helping Pattaya people including tourists and new people who just moved in. You can ask for information about transportation, tourist attractions, government services, or even submit complaints to Pattaya City Hall. The followings are some Emergency Services that you can call 24 hours.

Medical Emergency: 1669

Tourist Police: 1155

Royal Thai Police: 191

Thailand Fire Brigade/service: 199

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do in Thailand?

First, it is not true that all food is edible, especially for foreigners. Briefly observe the place before you order and choose only restaurants that look clean. Fried insects, fermented foods are available everywhere, but some are not recommended. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.
When you buy something, rent a car, use motorbike taxi or any service; always ask until you agree with the price before you jump in. There are many issues that happen every day about this.
One more thing about Thai law. Do not forget to research basic Thai law and keep updated. To bend the rules without breaking them you must first know them.

Where is a Good Place to Stay in Pattaya?

This depends on where you are going to work and your lifestyle. If you are retired, you might love to stay in quiet area like in East Pattaya. The air is fresh with less pollution. However if you like beaches and would like to take advantage of the ocean breezes, North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya, Naklua, Pratumnak, and Jomtien are great locations.
If you would like to stay near the city and the beach in a Peaceful Atmosphere, Pratumnak is the ideal area we are talking about. Pratumnak is next to Pattaya city. It is between Jomtien, Cosy beach and Pattaya beach. You can enjoy three beautiful beaches and have a healthy life in the green zone.

Valuable Tips to Consider for Relocation

First, you should decide where to stay. If you like the beach, it is good that you stay in Jomtien, Pratumnak, Pattaya and Naklua. Pratumnak is sought after since it is in a quiet area with natural atmosphere on the hill, and it is between three beautiful beaches: Pattaya beach, Cosy Beach, and Jomtien beach. East Pattaya is more quiet and peaceful but a little bit far away from facilities. After that, plan for your basic routine. Where to buy good food? Laundry service and convenience stores? The best way is to get some advice from your friends, from online channels, or some agencies that are willing to assist you with this. You can contact The Cube Pattaya for more information.