Rental Returns in Pattaya at the CUBE

What are Rental Returns? A Rental Return is a percentage representing Net Rent comparing to Net Value of the Property or Mortgage Amount, depending on your financial plan. The higher Rental Return, the less that you will have to pay to cover the interest of the home loan, including possible costs such as council rates and insurance.

Rental Returns come from Net Rent divided by Net Unit Cost and then multiply the result with 100. The percentage came up is the benefit from future investment. Rental Returns show estimated profits of the properties for you to make an informed decision. Although the number is quite rough, it’s enough to show the overall image in order to compare one property to the other one.

So, what is the difference to invest with the CUBE not somewhere else?

From the article Rental Return of 7.5% for 5 Years Paid Up Front – Guaranteed, the Cube Pattaya guarantees 7.5% Rental Return for 5 years with a lot of confidence in the management team at Tudor Group. They will assist you in financial plans as well as handling the property management in order to maximize your return and to get a better outcome. The CUBE offers the best option for you to invest with rental guarantee. You get a big discount, pay to the developer for 15 years, and will discover something…?!?

“The Cube is offering the rental returns paid upfront as a discount on the property price. Straight away that gives a buyer a 37.5% discount on the sales price and the buyer has a minimum outlay of 30% of the remaining to pay. The buyer can't touch that property for the next 5 years, as the Developer rents for that period of time, to recover the discount he has given the buyer. Now let's assume the 5 years has passed and the property returns to the control of the buyer. A smart investor will have taken the 15-year payment plan, as the monthly payments are only 18-22,000 Baht per month, but the investor can easily rent out the property for much more.” Simon Ditchburn (CEO of The Cube?)

Why is it amazing this way?

One of the most attractive rental guarantee program in Pattaya to be offered by The CUBE. This program is suitable for the buyer who is looking for a long term plan. You pay to developer every month and let us organize everything for you. Our team will look for tenants, take care of marketing, show the rooms and organize the rent contracts for you. You don’t need to worry about anything. At the end of the plan, you will discover that most of the money has already paid by the tenant which cover 70% of the price. You only pay 30%, and that’s it!

So the reality is, the Tenant is paying the cost, not the buyer.

Your property is all paid by somebody else. Then you can choose to keep or resell the property after that.

Rental return, long term business plan.

For long term investment, the goal is to get the best return with the least spending. But how can we do that?

Normally when you buy a property, you will need to invest all the money to pay back to the bank and also spending time just to find a tenant. There is a great opportunity to invest for less risk and high return. No need to worry about rental return because we guarantee rental return for the first 5 years up to 7.5%. Even nicer when it is paid upfront in the form of discount. You don’t need to be busy all the time looking for a tenant because Tudor Group will organize that for you.

The Developer lead financing for a full 15 years at lower interest rates than that of most banks is currently making the Cube one of the easiest condos to buy on Pratumnak Hill. If you find this plan interesting for you, contact us for more details. Contact Us