Shopping in Pattaya

My friend just installed his new top box trunk on his motorbike. A little bit proud of himself, he keeps saying that we can go shopping with a lot more storage in the motorbike. We cannot refute that “Shopping” is one of the best activities ladies the world over love doing. Pattaya has a lot of shopping centers. You can find them around where you stay and in every few kilometers near each other. And yes, we love shopping!

Brand Names
Fitting in the room and discussing about fashion are a lot of fun. We like Brand name products because of the higher quality and after sale services. Although the price is sometimes very high, but to compare them with the time we use, it’s worthwhile. Sometimes we can even buy them 50-90% Off from the price. Why is it not good?

Leather products are very popular for the tourists. Many tour guides recommend the Italian Toscano Leather & Fur on North Pattaya road which offers exotic leather and luxurious products.

Many “Grand Sale” events occasionally take place in Pattaya, mainly in the Outlet Mall, Central Festival Beach Pattaya, and Central Center Pattaya on the ground floor, especially at the end of the year. You will also find big discounts at Mike’s Shopping Mall.

We also have Annual Sahapat Fair in Pattaya. The fair is well known and very popular among Thai people. You will find a lot of discounted products in a good condition. It normally takes place sometime before the middle of the year at Banglamung School. Although the fair is not as big as in Sahapat Fair Sriracha which is normally held in November, you still find denim products, such as trousers, skirts, and jackets from Beverly Hills Polo Club, Mc Jeans, Guy Laroche, etc., quality shoes and sports clothes as well as underwear, office cloths, instant foods and leathers with a lot of discounts sometimes up to 70-90%.

You may be looking for a nice present for your colleagues, friends and family. It’s not that you can buy it easily from anywhere in Pattaya. The truth is you have to be careful and always ask the price first. Some shops in Pattaya may open specifically for the tourists in the tour package, then the price is a lot higher than normal.

Trying to find a good souvenir in Pattaya can be possible. The basic place to buy souvenirs is in Big C and Tesco Lotus. You will find Tesco in North and South Pattaya. Big C is in Central Center North Pattaya, Big C Extra in Central Pattaya, and Big C Jumbo in South Pattaya. They have souvenirs in specific sections which are offered for sale at reasonable prices.

You can also find a lot more choices of souvenirs, jewelries, and beachwear on the ground floor at Royal Garden Plaza. Some artworks, Buddha images, carved elephants and fairy lights, including OTOP (One Tambon One Product) products such as regional handicrafts and snakes can be found in Mike’s Shopping Mall.

Central Festival Beach Pattaya is also full with quality products with various kinds of handmade, OTOP products, and royal project products. There is Jim Thomson in Central Festival and also in Home Works next to Big C Jumbo South Pattaya. They have high quality fabrics, mainly are hand-woven Thai Silk products which have a remarkable range of colors and textures.

For fresh products, Glutinous Rice Steeped in Coconut Milk for eating with Mango or Durian is highly recommended to buy as a souvenir. Big vendors are in small markets near Big C Extra in Central Pattaya. They make this dessert from the best ingredients and it’s offered at a friendly price.

Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. There are many places to go shopping here. Some places are suitable to buy some products, and some places you will find many things for a good price and high quality. Many Grand Sale festivals are occasionally taking place in shopping malls. You will find Brand Name products which normally are high quality with competitive prices. Souvenirs can be found almost everywhere in Pattaya. You just have to pick one and ask the price first before you buy. People in Pattaya are very friendly and nice. You will have a wonderful trip here.