Sports and Amusements in Pattaya

Summer has come to Pattaya

Refreshing in Pattaya with These 5 Activities now that school is out we here at the CUBE Pattaya have given you some ideas for enjoyable activities that you can do in Pattaya. Instead of sitting inside with a cup of ice cream, you may think of a good water park or water sports to have fun with your family and friends. Live activity to make everything cool down in this season, we would like to introduce you some famous Sports and Amusements in Pattaya that both Thais and foreigners find fascinating.

Sports in Pattaya

Pattaya is very famous mainly for water sports. Wind surfing and Scuba Diving seem to the most attractive activities especially in Summer.

Wind surfing

Pattaya Bay used to be very popular in the past for Wind surfing, but now Jomtien becomes the center for this lively activity, especially south of the start of Beach Road since the wind is safer and water is cleaner and smoother.
There are 3 big centers that are the leaders and all of them are in Na Jomtien. One is near The View restaurant, “Amara – Blue Lagoon” and the other one is just north of that by the Glass House restaurant and the Pinnacle hotel, “Club Loong Chat.” “Demon Days Beach Club” is further on the north in soi Na Jomtien 8, a little bit before Sea Falcon Hotel.
Professional players usually wait for North East monsoon in December until March for excellent flatwater windsurfing, or the normal >12 knots winds that usually come around 4 pm. There are competitions arranged in this area occasionally.

Scuba Diving

Well known water sport in Pattaya, a diving course seems to be very flexible for both beginners and advanced divers. Thailand has the perfect weather for diving, a fun activity that you can attend 365 days a year.
Dive In Pattaya is the only diving company in Pattaya that offers aquarium diving with huge live sea turtle, and also normal diving on beautiful locations. The service was firstly established in 2007. Steve and Angie have their aquarium on Sukhumvit Road, teaching basic about diving gear, how to put it together and operate it. Lunch, snacks and some refreshments are included in the package, and you can have photographs taken for an additional 1,000 Baht fee.
Many people have never dived before and some cannot even swim. They can have amazing experiences here, which many have left positive comments, vote as excellent service, and keep returning with their friends. High ranking on Trip Advisor can prove their good works.

Amusements in Pattaya

People from around the world have come to Pattaya for fun activities. Speed lovers will enjoy their time on the racing track.

Go karts

EasyKart PATTAYA is a Go Kart track located at Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya. Fun activity in safest environment in Asia. It is not only for professional drivers, but also for beginners and young kids. Beginner track is 350 meters, and racing track is 800 meters. It offers two large tracks, Restaurants/Bar/Pool, Panoramic terrace, Night lights, and Hi-tech timing system. You will have fun with your family and your friends. Outdoor activity that will bring you more than excitements.

Water Parks

ome amusement parks around Pattaya are also interesting. There are 3 places in the area. Pattaya Park have water slides, whirlpool and private beach. Only 10 minutes from Pattaya city (Bus terminal), Pattaya Park is at the end of Dong Tan beach at the bottom of Pratumnak Hill. Ramayana Water Park is not so far from Pattaya, only 20 minutes from South Pattaya. It is close to Silverlake and Khao Chee Chan. Affordable price with occasionally a special promotion offered. Shuttle service can pick you up from any location in Pattaya to the water park only 120 Baht. The area is very big but there are clear maps provided throughout the place. Cartoon Network Amazone also have transportation service 400 Baht for one round trip, but you only need to book 2 days in advance. This worlds’ first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark started in 2014 with 10 exciting entertainment zones. New high-speed Ben 10 water rollercoasters, Jake Adventure Time, exhilarating splash landing for all ages, and much more including ones for little kids.

Stay Fresh in Pattaya with Fun Activities

Many people love Windsurfing which most of the centers are in Jomtien. Scuba diving is still one of the most popular activities that you can do every day. Real people like Go Karts or may choose to have fun sometimes at three Water Parks. Pattaya is like the diamond on the East of Thailand, a prosperous city that still has pure nature with a lot of live activities to make your day, every day a happy season.