The Building of a Condominium CUBE Pattaya – Part 14

At insulation factory, outside Pattaya, Simon Ditchburn, managing director of Tudor Group Thailand is showing the whole floor of panels which is ready to go to the “sandwich” process of installation at the Cube’s construction plan.
“They will put all the insulation into the trucks today and deliver to the construction site.” Simon said masterfully.
Today we will go back into the building site to look at some area that you haven’t seen it before…

The External Wall

The external wall we build is inspired by the traditional style used in the U.K. We create double walls to make it not only strong but be the perfect wall.

Inside of it is the insulation which is the same as Chocolate bar with thousands of air pockets to let the air inside.
The concrete outside is strong and hard enough to protect the building from the weather, heat and humidity.
The perfect gaps between the two parts are very important to allow the air flow allowing for proper circulation.
This will make everything efficient for you to save electricity and air conditioning. - all what we will need in this hot climate.

The Shaft that is Designed for Easy Fixing

We have been installing the tube all throughout the story which will lead to the shaft in this part of the floor, and eventually to the septic tank downstairs.
All the waste water which comes from the drain, the sink, the shower and maybe the washing machine you have…
All the condos at the Cube are designed to sit back to back from each other so that they can share the same shaft together.
Less shafts means less possibility to have plug in the tube, and we use larger size of tube to make water flow much easier.
What is very good is that we put the shaft on the corridor back of the restroom, so that you can easily repair it. - No need to knock your neighbor room’s door asking to open their roof to fix it.

The Arrival of All Floor Panel for the Next Complete Floor

The arrival of our first truck. Our plan now is to unload that truck into the holding area.
We have 2 days to install all the panels, and on the 3nd day the next truck will come with another load of panels.
This will continue for about 2 weeks. That’s enough pressure!
But…we only have two and a half weeks before the big Christmas and New Year Holiday, so we have to install the whole entire floor in a very short period of time.
Under a lot of stress and pressure we will see you again next time.

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