The Building of a Condominium CUBE Pattaya – Part 15

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! from Simon Ditchburn, Tudor Group. Our building crews have been working though big holidays end of this year to make sure that we finish installing this floor by the end of the year. In fact, our last delivery was exactly on Christmas day. We will show you a top overview of what we have done so far inside the building and the structure.

Steel Frame for the Windows

One of the main structures we are working on at the moment are the windows. They represent about 85% outside of the building. To make sure that we have the correct size of the window, we have made the steel template representing the exact size of the window. It takes a little bit longer to make that template at the beginning, but it saves us a lot of troubles in correcting measurement mistakes later. Basically the steel frame can be removed from this floor and can be placed one and many floors above again and again. We can keep reusing it to guarantee that we will have the same sized window going all the way through. The block layers just have to build the block exactly the same as the steel frame to make a correct size window.

The Electric

A multi shared unit building is not just for a single house. This is for the whole building that needs at least 1 hour for evacuating from the fire. So the wires and insulation need to be hard plastic industrial class, higher than normal use. The wall already has switch socket installed, ready to connect with electric wire. The electrician starts to put the tube on the ceiling and put the wire inside room by room, floor by floor.

Floor Leveling

This is another major item we are constructing at the moment. When the main structure goes together, when you pour the concrete floor by floor. Those concrete slabs are not 100% leveled. We have to come back later and see what the floor furnish is going to be, such as carpet, laminate floor, or tiling.
We have to make the floor much more accurate and much more leveled. We work from a 1-meter line which is drown on every single room in the entire building. That 1 meter will represent the height of every door and window from the final floor level. We make the point where the tile will finish and we pour floor level insulation on top of the concrete to make sure that this floor is nicely leveled to lay the tile on top.

It’s not good to do this all in one process. It’s great for speed but the missing is the glue for the tile. What we do here is that we make sure that level insulation goes in first, then it sets and solids. We glue the tile to its position and make sure that the tile will not pop out on the later day.

Aluminum Frame Work for PVC Pipes

We start to form the shaft room by room. A nice aluminum frame work is put together with double layers of plaster board. In the bathroom section will be water proofed and 1-hour fire rating. Because the shaft goes through every floor up to the roof, it’s very dangerous when there is a fire since the PVC itself is flammable. Therefore, we have to make sure that each floor has the fire blanket and in each level in each room has the one hour fire rating.
With all the changing in Thailand and another country such as Russia that has sold their units and moved back due to financial crisis and the Pounds situation that is 20% lower in the U.K. Anyway, we are really pleased to show you all this last quarter of 2016 because we are finishing incredibly strong. We are moving to 2017 with the new market “Chinese Market.” Thai banks are also allowing Thai buyers to buy more which is very strong for the market. So, this 2017 should be another prosperous year. We hope everybody enjoyed your holidays and see you again next time. In case you have questions or are interested in our financial plans or promotions, feel free to contact us here.